What Is Conversion Rate & How Do You Calculate It?


What Is Conversion Rate & How Do You Calculate It?

Learn how conversion rate is an important metric that requires definition, understanding, measurement, and specific plans for improvement.

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How to easily find your 3 most important conversion rates

– Conversion rates are one of the most important key performance indicators (KPI) in digital marketing.

You may be spending money getting traffic, but is it converting to leads? To sales? Which activity is driving that and which isn’t? You may be creating tons of content, but is it getting traffic and engagement? Which posts are converting better leads? How much traffic do you need to reach specific sales goals?

Knowing these numbers will help you better determine whether you should focus on increasing traffic, optimizing your conversions, or both!

In this video, Content Creators Planner co-founder Jodi Hersh shows you how to calculate three of your most important conversion rates:
– Traffic to Lead
– Lead to Sale
– Traffic to Sale

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[HOW TO] Calculate Your Conversion Rate!

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