Twitter Analytics – Uncover The Best Twitter Marketing Insights


Twitter Analytics – Uncover The Best Twitter Marketing Insights

Discover how well your Tweets perform and insight into your audience growth on Twitter with Twitter Analytics.

Unlock the power of Twitter and omni-channel analytics using Google Cloud

Join this session to learn how Twitter is taking data activation to new heights. From data collection to user experience, gain insights into Twitter’s shift from a past generation of operational tools to create less time-consuming and more reliable data processing techniques.

Speakers: Jason Davenport, Prasanna Selvaraj

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Twitter Marketing: How to Go Viral On Twitter FAST (2022)

⭐ Tweet Hunter:

In this video, I’m going to teach you how to go viral on Twitter. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Twitter for years. I would tweet for a bit – get no traction and quit. Then I would see people with hundreds of thousands of followers selling books, courses and frankly whatever they wanted. So I’d log back in, tweet a bit, get no traction and give up again. This happened on and off for years and then I decided I needed to take it seriously and do something about it.

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⭐ Patrick
I’m an entrepreneur and YouTuber who built a million-pound publishing business from nothing.

Twitter Marketing: My Top 5 Viral Tweets Were NOT What I Expected… [Writing Wednesday #7]

My Top 5 Viral Tweets Were NOT What I Expected…

I spent 1.5 months growing on Twitter and was surprised by the tweets that got the most views.

If you’re looking for the best Twitter marketing strategies to grow an audience and your business, then don’t miss this video.

Top 5 viral tweets:


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Twitter Marketing: 10 l Twitter analytics tutorial for seeing your ROI with tweets and followers

You can get started on Twitter marketing by finding others with similar interests that might then be willing to see what you have to share!

In this course, you will learn:

– What does this course include and why will you enjoy it?
– Summary of the entire process for building your Twitter following free.
– Unfollowers for following and following back
– In-depth unfollowers complete strategy
– How to choose which users to copy following on Twitter and find people to follow
– How to make a small niche following by only following a few people.
– Using pictures to get retweets and favorites
– Formatting tweets for maximum engagement with YouTube videos
– Free organic engagement with copromote – share between Facebook and Twitter free!
– Hootsuite fast auto posting strategy using Microsoft Excel to schedule tweets
– Twitter analytics tutorial for seeing your ROI with tweets and followers
– Fiverr gigs for tweets on your account
– Fiverr hands-on creation and promotion of a pay to tweet gig
– Fiverr versus Izea. Which is better? Overall Fiverr is definitely better
– Getting paid to tweet with Izea – overview, and hands-on
– Izea getting paid to tweet different strategies and summary to bid fast
– Izea Followup – $25 for two tweets!
– Wrap up with a look at my progress and questions about yours
– Twitter is the traffic really worth it, ROI, and long term SEO benefits
– Using Fiverr to buy followers to speed up the initial growth.
– How to write tweets quickly for bulk sharing in Excel with bitly and Hootsuite
– How to get people to write your tweets for you
– Using HootSuite to make bulk tweets
– HootSuite bulk scheduling uploading with excel and working through errors
– TrueTwit validation with unfollowers and building Twitter followers

This course was designed for total beginners and there is no particular knowledge requirement. Thank you for learning about the course, and we hope you love it!

Make sure to check out the playlist for the rest of the videos.

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