The 9 Most Important SEO KPIs You Should Be Tracking


The 9 Most Important SEO KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Key performance indicators for SEO are foundational for a strong business that grows year over year. Experts share KPIs that unlock success.

Need Digital Marketing KPIs? Here’s how to find the most important key performance indicators

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If you work in marketing, chances are, you’ve heard about KPIs. And, if you WANT to get a job in digital marketing, you’ll likely be asked to talk about digital marketing KPIs in job interviews.

But…what exactly are KPIs?

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are quantitative benchmarks you set to track how much progress you’re making towards your marketing goals. To put it simply, a KPI is a metric you aim to hit so you know that your project or department is on track and doing well. KPIs are how you prove to your supervisors that you’re adding to the company’s bottom line.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use a framework to choose the right digital marketing KPIs, plus how to decide when to track and report on them.

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SEO Metrics – Important SEO Metric to track | SEO Tutorial

SEO Metrics – Important SEO Metric to track | SEO Tutorial
In this video, We are explaining about SEO Metrics – Important SEO Metric to track | SEO Tutorial
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Track These 5 SEO KPIs With Crystal Carter

As an SEO, how do you pick the right KPI? With so many tools and so many metrics, what should you be tracking? How do you decide which metrics actually make a difference to your clients?

1) Conversions and your benchmark
2) Revenue and transactions
3) Target keywords and what you are actually ranking for
4) Ranking position changes
5) Traffic that brings conversions

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SEO KPIs To Track & Measure

SEO KPIs To Track & Measure and how to assign them to the different stages of the sales funnel.

This can really help with buy-in from others in the business and also help you focus on the right areas!

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