SafeOpt's 10 Trusted Ecommerce Tips To Reduce Abandoned Carts & Increase Sales


SafeOpt's 10 Trusted Ecommerce Tips To Reduce Abandoned Carts & Increase Sales

Learn how to recover ecommerce shoppers by reducing abandoned carts and improving customer loyalty to increase your online sales.

On-Demand Webinar | 5G promises massive scale. But the bigger the pipe, the stronger the DDoS threat

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more
————————————————————————————————————————————————————–Allot is the leading provider of network intelligence and security-as-a-service solutions that automate a safe and superior customer experience with machine learning and NFV. The company enables service providers to prioritize, optimize and secure every transaction ready to meet dynamic 5G demands ��.

Allot offers a suite of network intelligence solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), powered by state-of-the art DPI technology. Allot’s solutions turn network visibility �� into actionable intelligence that enhances service performance ⭐and optimizes your customers’ quality of experience (QoE) ��‍��.

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Safe-T Group’s newest consumer privacy solution exceeds 10,000 subscribers

Safe-T Group Ltd CEO Shachar Daniel spoke to Proactive about reaching a monthly recurring revenue milestone for its recently-introduced privacy solution for Apple mobile devices via the App Store, ending 2021 with more than 10,000 paid subscribers worldwide.

The company also said it has experienced a more than 50% increase in subscription revenue quarter over quarter as adoption of its consumer privacy product accelerates.

How to Stay Safe Online – Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Yourself

Making sure you stay safe online has never been more important than right now, especially as summer travel picks up and you become more vulnerable by using public wi-fi, spending money abroad, or sharing your personal info more frequently online for hotel and airline bookings.

That’s why I wanted to do a follow-up video to my previous video on scam and fraud prevention, and asked cybersecurity expert Leigh Tynan, who is also the Director of TELUS Online Security, to share some important stats and actionable tips we should all know so we can better stay safe online.

*This video is sponsored by TELUS Wise, but all views and opinions expressed are my own and are based on my own experience and research of the subject matter.*


00:00 Introduction
01:38 Guest expert intro – Leigh Tynan, Cybersecurity Expert and Director of TELUS Online Security
02:43 Why there are more online scams and fraud than ever
04:22 The most common scams and fraud to be aware of
07:54 How to protect children and youth online
10:07 What to do if you’ve fallen victim to a scam
12:29 Tips for preventing falling victim
16:08 Final tips for educating yourself


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➡️ Staying savvy in the face of smart new scams
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The Top 3 Most Popular Ways to Price Usecure for Your Customers

What approach to take to pricing is a common topic for most Managed Service Providers.

That’s no different for usecure and we often get asked how MSPs should package and price options for end user.

Standalone pricing, bundle pricing or tiered pricing? There are a few options for consideration.

In this video Sales Manager, Danny Boyle provides an overview of the 3 main methods of pricing that MSPs can use when charging their clients for something like secure.

0:29 Standalone pricing
1:09 Bundled pricing
1:56 Tiered pricing

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