How To Access Google Analytics API Via Python


How To Access Google Analytics API Via Python

Build a better dashboard once you get access to Google Analytics page views, sessions, bounce rate, and more. Here's how to set it all up.

How to use Python / Pandas with Google Analytics + Crawl data to find useless URLs to delete. #SEO

This is more about showing Python / Pandas and explore the data than to get the perfect delete list (and it’s a test how these videos work)

Using Pandas with the most common things you would do in Excel / Google Sheets probably:


Here’s the jupyter notebooks .ipynb file

Screaming Frog used to crawl

YouTube Analytics API with Python (May 2022 new Google API Library)

YouTube API tutorials get outdated pretty quickly, in my own experience, because of the amazing speed of update from Google. I decided to create a walkthrough on Youtube Analytics API and YouTube Data API for my future self instead of digital notes, and sharing it with everyone.

00:00 YouTube Data API & YouTube Analytics API (background)
02:46 Pre-requisites (install google api cli)
05:19 YouTube API Keys & Credentials
06:38 YouTube DAT API vs YouTube Analytics API vs YouTube Reporting API
14:49 Writing our Python script w/ google api client & google_auth_oauthlib
26:55 Creating CLI table from YouTube analytics API
31:05 Using YouTube Data API (python script)
47:57 Summary: YouTube Analytics API vs YouTube Data API

To learn more about creating tables in the command line: &list=PLXsFtK46HZxXIVE4tRjwMjwKFVaQSdT5W
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Code examples in the video are freely available on my GitHub repo:

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Retrieving YouTube analytics in Python – How it’s Done


Welcome to the video! Do you have a YouTube channel, and fancy looking over detailed stats about it? This video might be just for you.

Things you’ll need:
Python 3.7.1 or greater:
An IDE (I’ll be using Visual Studio Code):
The Google Developers Console:

The Carberra network:

Intro: Papov (Yung Logos)
Outro: A Caring Friend (Bad Snacks)

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Getting Started With Google Analytics 4 (GA4) API in Python

Google has announced the next generation of Google Analytics, known as Google Analytics 4 or GA4. And as someone who works with Google Analytics the platform and API pretty often, I thought I would make this tutorial covering how to get started using Google Analytics 4 API in Python.

In this tutorial, I will cover how to set up Google Analytics 4 access and share an example querying GA4 real-time report.

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�� How To Automate Google Analytics 4 Reporting (Run Report method):
�� Dimensions and Metrics list:
�� Source Code:

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00:00 – Google Analytics 4 API Intro
00:26 – Create a Service Account & download Client File
03:20 – Realtime report limitations
05:00 – Enable Google Analytics 4 API service
05:42 – source code & set up
07:25 – Query realtime report
13:25 – Debug 401 error

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