A Complete Guide To B2B Multitouch Attribution Models


A Complete Guide To B2B Multitouch Attribution Models

Which touchpoint on the B2B customer’s journey gets the credit for the conversion? Explore multi-touch attribution models with Alex Macura.

6 B2B Campaign Attribution Frameworks Explained

With everything going on in the world and the impact on the economy and business, it’s more important than ever to know where to put your marketing dollars to get the best bang for your buck. That’s where campaign attribution comes in.

In the complex world of b2b marketing, this can get complicated, and if you ask 100 marketers how they do campaign attribution you’ll likely get 100 slightly different responses. Often with different ways to tackle the issue with online touchpoints known as the where/what multi-touch problem

WHERE they came from (paid social, organic search, etc.)
WHAT they did (trial, ebook, etc.)

Traditional MAP and CRM are just not that great at handling this in a way that’s helpful for reporting, but no method is inherently better than another, it is all based on your needs. In this episode, I focus on 6 methods that result in reports being built in SFDC or Marketo and discuss the pros/cons and level of difficulty for each option.

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Inbound Video Tutorial: How Does Marketing Attribution Apply to B2B?

Today I’ll be talking about what you need to know to better understand marketing attribution and modeling for your B2B Marketing efforts. Keep on watching to find out all the details in this edition of the Digital Marketing Postcard.

“Multi-Touch Attribution: Approaches and the Tradeoffs (And Fallacies) Therein” – Tim Wilson / USA

Every marketer wants to accurately measure the impact of their advertising spend. And “digital” was supposed to make that really easy (especially for digital advertising). But, that promise has rarely been realized—it’s becoming increasingly difficult to track users across touchpoints, thanks to privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and browser updates that block or aggressively expire cookies. In this session, we will review four different approaches to marketing attribution: heuristic modeling (first touch, last touch, linear, time decay, etc.), algorithmic modeling, media mix modeling (MMM), and randomized controlled trials (RCTs). As part of the review, we will venture lightly, but profoundly, into some foundational statistical concepts: we WILL use the terms ‘counterfactual’ and ‘potential outcome,’ and probably even ‘unobserved heterogeneity!’


Filmed at SUPERWEEK 2022 (January 31 – February 4).


What Is Attribution Modeling? A Quick Explainer for Marketers

Multi-channel attribution modeling is complicated. But without it, you won’t know what marketing activities are actually leading to higher ROI and better results. Learn more: https://clickhubspot.com/a4p

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