5 Ways To Check If Google Analytics Is Working


5 Ways To Check If Google Analytics Is Working

Not sure if your Google Analytics is working properly on site? Follow these 5 steps to audit and identify common tracking issues.

10 Ways To Filter Your Data in Google Analytics


In this video, we fire through 10 great ways to filter,segment and view your data in Google Analytics.

1.Date Range
2.Choosing the right Reports
3.Drilling Down
4.Search Filtering
5.Custom Segments
7.Secondary Dimensions
8.Sorting & Weighing
9.Building Customized Reports & Dashboards
10.Profile Filters



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Google Analytics (UA and GA4) in 2022: 7 Things You Should Be Doing

Google Analytics is powerful…and challenging. That’s especially true in 2022 as GA4 is the new “standard” but it still lacks many of the capabilities of Universal Analytics (UA). Here are 7 things you should be doing with Google Analytics in 2022 to get more out of the platform and better understand your data.

#1 – Deploy both GA4 and Universal Analytics property types on your site

#2 – Set up site search tracking to see what people are looking for on your site (you can do this in both UA and GA4, although the process is different)

#3 – Create a calculated metric (like ROAS or CPA) specific to your business goals

#4 – Create a custom report – and include your new calculated metric. In UA, you can do this by editing an existing report. In GA4 you’ll likely want to do this in Google Data Studio.

#5 – If you’re not already using it, install Google Tag Manager on your site. You can use it to deploy both UA and GA4 tracking codes and set up advanced tracking like…

#6 – …Event tracking! Get more experience tracking events like clicks, downloads, scrolls, and more in both UA and GA4.

#7 – Build custom segments to better analyze your data. Without segments, it can be hard to get actionable insights from your data.

Have questions or comments? Leave them in the comments. I’ve been learning / struggling with GA4 over the past year or so, and I’m always up for learning more…and for new video ideas.

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How to use Google Analytics

A very simple guide on how to use Google Analytics

How to check if Google Analytics 4 is working

Learn how to check if your Google Analytics 4 setup is working properly.

After you install GA4, there are several things you need to verify. And this video will cover them.

00:00 – Intro
01:08 – GTM Preview mode
01:41 – GA4 DebugView
04:02 – Realtime reports
05:00 – Browser’s developer tools, Network Tab
05:45 – Standard reports
06:43 – Verify cross-domain setup
09:59 – Final words

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