16 Tips To Keep Your Sanity And Prepare Your Shopify Store For BFCM Sales


16 Tips To Keep Your Sanity And Prepare Your Shopify Store For BFCM Sales

Fine tune your sales strategies to increase your Shopify stores sales. Here are 16 tips to set your shop up for success this year.

How to avoid refunds for dropshipping

How to avoid refunds for dropshipping

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Everything you need to do on your Shopify drop shipping store on Thanksgiving to maximize the black Friday to cyber Monday weekend. From TikTok Ads, to discounts, to some extra tips this is everything you need to do NOW!

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How to prepare for Black Friday Cyber Monday || Shopify Help Center

Welcome to North America’s busiest shopping season: Black Friday Cyber Monday! Today we’ll go through all the things that you can do to prepare your business for this holiday season.

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9 Tips To Optimize Your Product Pages For More Sales (eCommerce Optimization)

Product pages should be convincing more people to add products to their carts. In this video, we will give expert advice to improve your product pages.

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Your product page is where the majority of your customers finally make the decision to either buy your product or leave your store. Unfortunately, it’s an often-neglected part of the sales funnel.

While most store owners tend to focus on improving their checkout page or landing page, or tweaking what happens after a visitor adds a product to their cart, customers won’t get that far unless you create solid product pages that convert.

Product pages exist to tell customers why your product is awesome, explain which needs it fulfills or problem it solves, and list the details a customer needs to see in order to make a buying decision. Beautiful photos of your product and well-written product descriptions are important, but they’re also the table stakes—there’s a lot more you need to get right in order to make a great product page.

To help you with ecommerce optimization, let’s review a few timeless ways to improve your product pages.

Here is what we’ll cover in this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:55 What Makes a Great Product Page?
02:20 Do You Have a Clear Call to Action?
03:20 Do You Have Great Product Photography?
05:06 Do You Link Your Images to Your Variants?
06:12 Do You Have the Right Amount of Detail?
08:14 Do You Have a Well-Branded Product Page?
09:16 Do You Have Aspirational Content?
10:18 Do You Have Content that Sounds Human?
11:18 Does Your Product Page Elicit Trust?

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