ZingBox APK Full Version v8.0.10.13 Ad-Free

ZingBox, the most popular user-friendly space providing access to the hottest and tending manga comics both online and offline. The manga is created by Japanese and today it is famous worldwide. Let’s put it this way, who do not know or haven’t heard about Naruto, dragon ball, one piece, and the list continues. ZingBox APK provides the ultimate experience of reading and downloading these comics online on your android and even on your iPhone.

No One does it as effortlessly and naturally as we do. Now you can have all your favorite comics on your phone with just a click. We created the platform to offer comfortable reading and high speed downloading to manga lovers with no time lag as of the source. Not only the comics it provides, but it also gives you a comfortable experience of reading, it keeps track of your history, your likings, recommending you manga you may like using your previous searches while making your whole experience fascinating. All the manga that we allow to read can also be downloaded free of cost! Hence you can enjoy thousands and thousands of manga both online and offline with ZingBox.

How to start ZingBox APk

  1. Download latest version of the ZingBox application, install it and after launching, open it.
  2. You will see the slogan of the app “Born for Manga lovers” with this orange themed front-end which elevates excitement and amazement at the same time.
  3. With all your booming surprise, you get to choose a server between different servers that you want to use and a language you are comfortable with among all provided by the application, after this, you’ll have access to more than 15,000 different fonts.
  4. A queued crowd of manga covers, and tabs like Game Gift, Fanwork, Weekly Best Works, etc., present enough choices and manga in front of your naked eye to flaunt upon.
  5. You will also find 5 manga channels, namely, home, manga, fiction, original and fanwork. From these manga channel, pick the manga you want and select the chapter, now Zingbox will load the section automatically for you with only a few seconds wait.
  6. Along with the 5 channels, ZingBox includes 5 different manga sources also each with its own unique specialty. As a manga fan, you can choose source based on individual personal preferences. The Japanese manga contained and updated by Mangareader and Mangapanda while the Mangapark includes Chinese and Korean manga along with some fanfictions. MangaHere not only comprises hot Japanese and Korean manga, but it also consists of some manga for Fujoshi. MangaFox includes different types of manga and first Fanfiction.
  7. Touch the middle of the screen to activate the function menu at the top and bottom of the screen. In the top Menu, Zingbox provides users with the chance to freely switch between horizontal, vertical, flip page, and scroll page mode, and to adjust screen brightness. In the bottom menu, you can roll over between different chapters. On touching the screen again hides the function menu.

ZingBox key features

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●Attractive and straightforward user device interface
●Never ending manga supply within one click
●Both online and offline reading
●Free downloading of chapters
●Doesn’t ask for any service charges
●Everyday original manga updates as of the source
●Allows notifications and keeps history feed
●Not only Japanese manga, but a list of hottest American manga also added
●High-speed streaming making the experience smooth
●Highly resolution search engine and filters available
●User-Friendly with numbers of language options available
●More than 15,000 different fonts available
●Supported by iPhones too
●Regular updates available
●Genre-based search or filters
●Adult Manga’s available
●Provides different page orientation
Let’s start enjoying all the features of ZingBox and all the free and unlimited manga, get the app today.

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